May 19th Friday Letter

May 19, 2017

Dear Parents and Students,

What a busy week! Students worked so hard this week to continue to focus on academics as well as preparing for the art gala next Thursday.


Math: Students continued Unit 8. We will not have as many math assignments next week due to the gala.

Reading: Students read the short story, “Owen and Mzee”. Students learned about human-animal bonding and about fact and opinion. Next week students will be writing their own short stories about two unlikely friends.

Spelling: Students took a test over this week’s words, words with a VCCCV pattern. There will not be a spelling test next week.

Social Studies: Students continued learning about Montana History.

Science: Students will begin learning about simple machines next week.

Enjoy your weekend! Looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday! Be sure to check my website for the gala schedule 


Miss Miller