Kindergarten News

Dear Families

Thank you all for coming to the conferences!!  I enjoyed talking with each one of you!!!

It is going to be snowy and cold.  We will stay in only it the actual air temperature is 0 or lower or if with wind chill it is 0 or lower.  But if it warms up during the day they will go out so send warm clothes!!

Monday is Library, please return your books!

District Kindergarten teachers will have guest teachers on Wednesday for  a meeting!!!

Valentines Day is quickly approaching,  We will have a Valentines Day party.  Please purchase or make 24 valentines.  Do not have the kids fill in the to:  only the from:    with their names.  It is too difficult for the kids to pass out and read all the names in a timely manner.

Also Feb 14 is spring pictures day.  If you are interested in having your kids pictures taken again, return the spring picture packet.  COMING SOON  Only students that fill out the packet will have their pictures taken.  If you fill out the online payment please print off or send in a note.  We will only send kids to the photographer if they have packets or notes.



Listening to stories/comprehension/ characters/ author’s purpose/ setting

Sight words- I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, me, come, with, my, what you, now, are is how  where, so, of, many, find, from, but, this, came, on  will, be, into, that, your, who

Visiting the letter:  Dd

Identifying the beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words.



-Recognizing/ writing numbers 0-50

-Finding the 5 group (#s 6-10)- example:  6 is 5 and 1 more

-story problems using addition/subtraction

-Teen Numbers (16=10+6)

Counting by 5s

Making categories:  sorting by different attributes



Social Studies/Science/art

Science: Animals

Buddies: Valentine’s Day


The kids are growing so quickly!  Thanks for sharing them with me!

Jill Putnam